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Do you owe IRS for back taxes, penalties and interest that seem to grow exponentially over time?  These problems do not go away by themselves.  Are you dealing with any of the following situations?

1)  Have not filed all prior years’ tax returns

2)  Owe IRS for one or more tax years

3)  Getting any or all of the following notices:

        a.  Notice to place tax liens on your property, even your home

        b.  Notice to levy your bank accounts

        c.  Notice to garnish your wages

        d.  Notice to seize personal property

4)  Owe IRS for payroll taxes

5)  Notice your return is being audited


Depending on your circumstances, one or more of the following may be helpful:

1)  A review of your tax return and documents for the year involved for missed opportunities

2)  An installment arrangement for more time to pay

3)  An offer in compromise to reduce the amount you pay

4)  Filing for bankruptcy may erase the IRS debt

5)  Innocent spouse relief may shelter your liability

6)  Getting a copy of your IRS file


After the current IRS problems are resolved, we work with you to insure you don’t have these type of issues again through education, positioning, and planning. 

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