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Proactive tax strategies

When was the last time your tax professional came to you with an idea to save you money?

Are you sure you are taking advantage of all the legal ways to reduce your tax bill?  Most tax preparers do a great job in taking your information to the appropriate tax forms to record your historical data and calculate the tax liability.  We offer you a plan to implement all the legal tactics available.  You may want to consider the following questions:

1)  Are you using the appropriate business entity?

2)  Are you using the best retirement plan to maximize your future wealth?

3)  Are you losing deductions for medical benefits?

4)  Does your business entity allow for family employment?

5)  Are you missing the office in home deduction?

6)  Are you maximizing the vehicle deductions?

7)  Are you aware and have you made changes for the new meals/entertainment deduction rules?


Tax planning is the real key to beating the IRS – legally.  We position you to write the history you select and recommend proactive, plain-English concepts and strategies to maximize your after-tax income.


It takes more than just learning about the opportunities available to start paying less tax.  You need a plan of action.  We do a complimentary review of your tax returns to determine if you are missing any legal deductions or credits.  We meet with you to discuss the savings.  If we both feel our working together is a good fit, we may need additional information to craft the Tax Strategies that are customized to your business and goals.  It will provide what you need to reduce your taxes legally without red flags, gray areas or overly aggressive positions.


Although we can’t legally guarantee a specific savings, our clients always enjoy saving much more in taxes than our overall fee.  The earlier in the year you implement your plan, the more savings are realized.  The nice part is this is beneficial year after year.


Since a good tax strategy is never final because tax laws and tax rules change, we offer a Tax Maintenance Plan to implement and update your proactive tax strategies.  This provides year-round coaching to stay on track and regular reviews to consider situation changes and the needed adjustments.

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