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We are happy to provide the after-the fact accounting and payroll services businesses need.  We offer software that allows you to print your checks and make deposits to maintain your checkbook.  It can generate invoices for your Accounts Receivable and schedule payments for Accounts Payable if these functions are needed.  There is also a calculating Payroll program to streamline your payday functions.


Since it is maintained on the cloud, we train and support you or your staff in using it.  Included is a paper-less document storage function we use to provide you with:

1)  Periodic financial statements – monthly, year-to-date and annually

2)  Payroll Reports – monthly, year-to-date and year end (W-2’s, W-3’s, 1099’s, and 1096’s)

3)  Bank Reconciliation Reports

4)  Transaction and General Ledger detailed reports


You also can scan the documents we use to provide the above reporting functions and upload them to the portal for our use.  Likewise, we can scan and provide documents not generated by the software you may need through the portal where you can view or print them as needed.

There is a monthly fee of $20 to use the Accounting Power software.  If you have a need for the Payroll Relief software, the fees depend on the payroll frequency and number of checks issued.


All of the federal and state reporting is done electronically.  Therefore, there is no need to pick-up reports, sign, date and mail them to meet deadlines.  In the on-boarding process, we become your payroll reporting agent with IRS and obtain Powers of Attorney for the state Re-employment and Sales tax functions if needed. 

This functionality shifts time consuming tasks so you can work on your business, not in your business.

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