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Why Should You Have An Accountant For Your Small Business?

By Mark McKee, the President and COO of OnPay, the top-rated payroll software company built to serve every small and medium-sized business

Your physician is your go-to expert for your health and wellness. You turn to your mechanic to keep your car in top condition. But who should small business owners turn to when they need strategic or operational advice about running their businesses? Their accountants.

If you’ve built a small business from the ground up, you probably know your industry, customers, and products or services like the back of your hand. When it comes to the ins and outs of taxes, accounting and finance, however, it never hurts to have an experienced professional to turn to for guidance. A growing number of accountants are also taking care of things such as cash flow projections, invoicing and HR. Ultimately, many of them are taking on CFO-like roles.

Here’s a closer look at how small business owners can leverage their relationships with accountants, and what accountants can mean for their businesses.

An Untapped Resource

When my company surveyed over 1,000 small business owners in our 2019 Small Business and Finance Report, 87% said their accountant was a trusted advisor who...

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